New Year’s Revolution

Deepwater Literary Review, 2015-1

— start up an anti-corruption party under the symbol

of a Broom, the common man’ s constant companion
and a great tool for sweeping things to one side

bring in untested people who must not be angry but are still
desperate enough to make 20-30 guillotines from scratch
they can be black or white these colours will soon have no meaning

send for crowds of millions who will march for openness
and accountability having bunked off work for the day
but whose demonstration will turn ugly as evening falls when

they start jostling against intricately-decorated oak doors
demanding a few heads just to get the ball rolling and
there is a smell of blood and fireworks in the air

and a politician is mauled to death by three police Alsatians
and many cardinals are hanged upside down from piano wire
and newspaper editors are photographed as they are being shot

and in the morning street sweepers will come
to tidy everything up with their brooms.