Selfie with self

Lunar 4

Here I am, free of artifice, face unmade, flesh foregrounded for your inspection, the wrinkles putting out to all-seers, chin to hairline, ear to ear, a screaming 7” x 5” in the old money, there on mother’s mantelpiece and doing the rounds with the Christmas cards, in close up, my new profile picture, 

Is it for charity?
It is not for charity…
Have I lost a bet?
I do not gamble…
A moment of madness?

is a moment of madness but this is not one, there’s no agenda, no coercion, no Photoshop, no doubt, it’s me, in close up, in total disenhancement, seeking your approval, nothing to fear, nothing to show but time on the face, in black and white, to accentuate the shadows, trace every contour with your fingertips, the pores, the follicles, the pimples, the scarring, the dread of the camera, look at me, my eyes shot through with pride in self-abasement, the reluctant antenna brows, the lips, the chapped lips, in black and white, like dry river beds, look at me, in close up, the tiny hairs at the tips of my nostrils, the clumps of gorse that amass in my ears, in close up, in black and white, nothing but my facial parts in the frame, as nobody has seen them at any time, for my friends I do this, my Facebook friends, just for you, for you to like, to comment on, to share, I have done this so you can know me, so more people can know me or get to know me, in close up, believing is seeing, the fullness of me I mean, the unplugged and unadorned me, the me you are about to see as soon as soon as I hit return.