PEE-EH-NO (from ‘Caffe Macchiato’)

Nutshell 4: Summer 2014

How to bring order to these voices is a question that nobody is likely to ask me and one to which I will now personally attend while riding into university. Helmet, gate, key, kick, gate, off, is there a physical ordering of the pages, do I lay them down like stepping stones to decide their next resting place and based on what, connecting themes, word plays, semantic continuances whatever that means, no, PEEP, the light is red, Signora, we never stop on PEEP PEEP red! how do you bring it all together, must strands be tied, what is the role of mystery in strand tying and are we allowed to walk away with any intact, mystery I mean, A spectacular piece of reversing Sir, are you being filmed by the authorities, are you trying to prove you are genuinely blind so you don’t have to pay back the years of welfare you have stolen from the state, no you stick it up your arse, there’s my finger you blind, petrol petrol, Buongiorno Alessio full please PEE-EH-NO, to return to my question, how to collate these voices and based on what, is there a narrative, some stones at the roadside or do I throw forty sheets up in the air or do I delete the lot in a couple of clicks, go on, I dare me, am I a coward, who calls me villain, pay 5 bucks for the benzina, bung Alessio a 50 centesimi tip, key, kick, off, Oooo bella ciao! to the top of the hill, the morning light bleaches the streets, old people dither in kerbs, skimming through the traffic I shimmy up behind the Municipio dust cart, nudge up next to the window, pretty signora, plenty of make-up, chewing a bit of gum in her orange safety suit, all smiles, I wink, she doesn’t, off I go through the lights, coffee at the bottom of the hill.