Memo: Re. ‘Titus Andronicus’, 5.2. 186-191

Published by B O D Y

Our discussions regarding the proper disposal of body parts being now concluded I would like to confirm the following:

Your Hair

I will implant next to mine
two colours two lengths
to be washed & conditioned once a week


I will bite clean through
your left eye just to see
the right I will mount
& encase on a necklace
in plain view of everyone

Collar bones

Lain on a delicate stand
will make fine frames for drums
add skin from your lower back
for life-long music


Be my cold-water luffa
for every morning shower
& night-time dab

Toe & finger nails

A necklace


Of your veins a scarf I’ll stitch for winter
that wraps around my neck a full thirty times


Ear phones bound tight with ligament
piping down through my brain stem
the archived sound of your sexual ecstasy


Glue them to a pair of
bouncing springy eyes
from the joke shop
kids love that kind of thing


Pot-planted in rich earth
will bear golden leaves in the dark
places along your thoracic curve


When I wipe your heart down
having ripped it from deep inside you
it will be the colour of tin foil
& perfectly spherical but beginning
to bloat so I must make
a brief incision for your eternal love

a crescent which I then peel
open as if stroking a day-old kitten
& from which will emerge
a thousand exultant butterflies
that make the sky
shiver & weep uncontrollably
as they disappear from view
somewhere over the endless ocean
or is it the rainbow