Hair continues to operate beyond the moment of passing

Lunar 3

I am not sure where to meet you given that you disappeared one night 22 years ago, will you look like you or worse like me, what age will you return as just in case I don’t immediately know you without your beard, will you be allowed out of doors, if so maybe it will take place in a low-lit bar or an alleyway that is recovering from thick fog, we do this at night, right, or if not there’s your old salt beef parlour in Threadneedle Street where we will share a giant pickle for lunch or will you suddenly sit next to me on the Rome-London Ryanair, I have heard it happens.

But I don’t want to get caught up in location when the purpose is to take a little of your time in the afterlife with a series of face-to-face vignettes which broadly speaking cover exotic travel, marriage failure, marriage failure, children elsewhere, children everywhere, not a penny to my name, and more specifically will make the hairs on your neck stand up because I know hair continues to operate beyond the moment of passing, the question is did you.

I won’t ask you to RSVP because 1. that kind of formality between father and son no longer exists and 2. every paranormalist in western Europe will come uninvited to hound me to an early demise and I simply do not know whether you and I will be able to do this kind of thing once we are both dead.

Take care