“If I’m a storyteller it’s because I listen…”

We’ve forgotten how and there’s no-one to teach us, John.

I’ll deal with isolationist technology first. Isolationist technology.

Science needs two decades off so we humans can catch up with what’s being thrown at us.

public reading, public speaking, public speaking at no-one, public talking over each other on the corner about the best artichokes, all manner of in-yer-face drama, obnoxious street art that speaks and we wish it didn’t, one-way small chat that clutters every mental cul-de-sac, explosions of ego, the desperate desire to be heard so as not to be the silent exception, nothing remembered minutes later. The congruence of unmediated noise, the congruence of mediated noise, the endless fretting under the majestical roof. The hoarse timpani of the unheard.

What about classes in public listening?